Canal Transit

Maritime Advisors in Panama Canal matters. We’re fully authorized to operate in the canal as we’re capable of scheduling the transit of our ships with the ACP (Panama Canal Authorities), once in transit, your ship is our first priority and concern.

Bunker Brokers and Physical Bunkers Suppliers

We offer bunkering services ensuring greater safety for your ship and its crew, as well as offering an excellent product quality certified by our suppliers. We also serve as intermediaries for safe and purchase of fuel at the most competitive prices.

Yatch Services

We’re committed to providing professional yacht services to all yachts and their crew, whether you need provisioning services, process documentation, parts and shipping, transportation, fueling, airport services or anything else,  we understand the importance of quick turnarounds and are happy to help.


Ship Chandler

We provide different services for massive loading tasks on ships from the Caribbean, Central America, United States and South America such as deck, engine,  and safety provisions, logistic services, lubricants, maritime chemicals and more.

Daily Charter

Our boats can be rented for the day or per hour to carry out maritime transport.

Other services

Crew Manning and Crew Change
We arrange off signers crew disembark and on signers crew embark, transportation, letter of invitation to embassies and OK to boards.
Shore and marine logistics
We arrange all transportation of surveyors, authorities inspectors, crews from shore to ship –  ship to shore
Ships Agency Service
Panama maritime representation for vessels, owners, crew and cargoes during Panama Ports Operations or Panama Canal transit.